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Our Story

One morning a few years ago, I woke up like I normally do, went to use the restroom and brush my teeth. After I finished, I came back to bed hoping that I might get lucky. My wife got up and did the same. While I was waiting for my wife, I realized that my desire was fading by the minute (as you can imagine, this was not a good thing).  I was trying to figure out why this was happening (which again, wasn't helping matters). The amount of time it was taking her to freshen up, and my anxiety over the situation, was really interfering with the morning momentum. For me, it wasn't that I physically couldn't step up to the plate but mentally, I just couldn't get myself back in the mood. When my wife finally returned to bed, I told her what I'd been thinking about while she was gone. She jokingly said "welcome to my world".       

She went on to tell me how difficult it was at times for her to stay in the mood, let alone get in the mood. After our very personal conversation on this issue, I came to realize what it really meant when someone said "I'm not in the mood". We talked about the many reasons why men and women find it so difficult to get in the mood. Stress was probably the most prevalent, with energy being a very close second. Low self-esteem, due to weight issues, also seemed to be a contributing factor.

For the next few days, I brought up the conversation to a few of my friends, male and female. What I found out was astonishing (to me anyway). Most people have issues when it comes to intimacy. There is no single reason, as a matter of fact, there are several. It isn't a man thing, or a woman thing, its a people thing. I was told by several older friends, that the reason they liked morning sex better than in the evening, was because of two reasons. First, for men, they were able to take advantage of the morning momentum. Second, for women, they were less likely to be stressed out. Once the day starts, there are so many stressful things to think about, like jobs, household chores, unpaid bills, problem children, unruly spouses, etc. (in other words men, you haven't had the chance to anger your wife yet).

You don't know me, but I am a problem solver/control freak. I can't stand the idea of not being able to fix things. Especially physical things, such as health issues, habits, etc. So when I started thinking about all of these people and the many reasons of why they weren't living their lives with passion, it really got me irked. I just had to come up with something that would help everyone have more passion in their lives. With all of the information I gathered from anyone who was willing to share their intimate details with me, I came up with a formula (figuratively speaking) that I felt would be a good start for helping everyone to have more passion in their lives.

I've been in the natural products industry for over 20 years, selling everyone else's products. I've always wanted to be able to represent my own products. I always figured the only chance I'd have at competing with the big boys, was to come up with something that was unique. When I realized there were no products on the market that incorporated all the benefits of alleviating stress, increasing energy, weight loss, creating desire, mental focus, and freshening breath all at the same time, it became clear to me that this was my shot. What I decided was this: create a product that would alleviate stress and anxiety, increase stamina and energy, promote weight loss and self-esteem, while also being a safe product that anyone could take without worrying about side effects, etc.. Oh yeah, and I figured why not make this product a really strong mint, so that people wouldn't have to go brush their teeth before engaging in activity. How's this for unique? Sounds pretty easy, right? Well, like my grandpa used to tell me, if it was easy, EVERYONE would be doing it.

I had a lot of home work to do, in regards to checking out the safety, efficacy, dosages, etc..  I had to research all the plants and their extracts to figure out which ones were viable and which ones weren't, how each one worked with each other, etc., etc..  I had to figure out which ones were the safest, while providing the most efficacy. Once I figured out which plant extracts I wanted to use, I then needed to find out where to get them from. It was very important to me to use nothing but the best raw materials.  It was necessary to use extracts from many different parts of the world. Getting raw materials from places like Russia, Brazil, India, and Asia, can be somewhat daunting.  After deciding which extracts and from where I was going to purchase them from, I then needed to figure out an appropriate dosage.  After studying volumes and volumes of information regarding all of the herbs, I finally came up with an herbal extract base that I felt would effectively address the concerns discussed earlier. So now I had my actives, I just needed to work out the flavor issues. Now it was time to find a lab who we could work with. We needed to be able to trust that they would not give our idea away. We wanted them to be GMP and have a good reputation. Once we picked our lab, we worked for over a year with 100's of sweeteners and mint profiles, trying to find a taste that would mask the herbs, freshen the breath, and still be palatable. Finally one day, almost by accident, I decided to give the soft chew application a try. It took quite some time and a hell of a lot of work but I can now hold my head high knowing I've made the best product possible.  I hope you'll be just as pleased with Passion Mints as I am.